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5. Sources: life of St. Clare (1)

List of the Main sources

5.1 The recent interest in St. Clare of Assisi, especially during the 8th centenary of her birth (1993-1994) was marked by a profound study of the Sources of her life and of the primitive community of Poor Ladies of San Damiano. The main Sources were already available in the Italian version of the Fonti Francescane. The English Omnibus of Sources did not include the Writings of St. Clare or the Sources for her life. The need for an updated English version of the Sources of the Life of St. Clare was realised by R.J. Armstrong OFMCap, "Clare of Assisi. Early Documents", Paulist Press, New Jersey, 1988, pp. 346. In his translations and introduction he lists three types of documents, namely, the Writings of St. Clare, Documents concerning Clare and the Poor Ladies, and Documents concerning Clare, the Poor Ladies, and Francis and his Brothers. The last two types of documents form the Sources for the Life of St. Clare. We shall present them under one heading and, as far as is possible, in chronological order, and then we shall say a few words about some of the most important. For a detailed study, consult R.J. Armstrong's book, in which you also find a bibliography.

5.2 Sources for the Life of St. Clare
* Form of Life Given by Saint Francis (1212-1213) (= FormViv).
* Witness of Jacques de Vitry (1216)
* Privilegium Paupertatis given by Innocent III (1216)
* Letter of Honorius III to Cardinal Hugolino (1218).
* Rule of Cardinal Hugolino (1219).
* Letter of Cardinal Hugolino (1220).
* Canticle of Exhortation "Audite, poverelle", written by Saint Francis to Clare and the Poor Ladies (1225) (= CantExh).
* Last Will Given by Saint Francis to the Poor Ladies (1225) (= UltVol).
* Letter of Gregory IX (1228).
* Letter of Cardinal Rainaldus (1228).
* Privilegium Paupertatis given by Gregory IX (1228)
* 1 Celano regarding Clare and the Poor Ladies (1228).
* Letter of Agnes of Assisi (1230).
* Mandate (1238).
* Anonymous of Perugia regarding Clare and the Poor Ladies.
* Legend of the Three Companions regarding Clare and the Poor Ladies.
* Assisi Compilation regarding Clare and the Poor Ladies.
* 2 Celano regarding Clare and the Poor Ladies (1246-1247).
* Rule of Pope Innocent IV (1247).
* Notification of the Death of Saint Clare (1253).
* Acts of the Process of Canonisation (1253) (= Proc).
* Bull "Clara, claris praeclara" for the Canonisation of Saint Clare (1255).
* Legenda Sanctae Clarae, Virginis (1254-1255) (= LegCl).
Legend of Saint Clare.
* Letter of Saint Bonaventure to the Sisters of Saint Clare (1259).
* Legenda Maior Sancti Francisci by Saint Bonaventure regarding Clare and the Poor Ladies (1260-1263) (= LegMaj).

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