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   The mosaics of the intermediate phase



-The Cross
-Geom. panel
-Cella Tricora

-S. Baptistery

-S. Baptistry


The intermediate mosaic of the southern baptistery chapel

The mosaic was discovered by Fr. Corbo after removing the mosaic of the baptistery dated to 597 . In relation to the underlying areas the mosaic decorated a new room which extended to the whole area of the baptistery chapel. The insertion of the baptismal font procured the destruction of the eastern end of the composition based on a network of coupled facing flowers with the resulting rhombi containing cross-like flowers. The grid was interrupted to the east by a vine motif with tendrils and a fruit or a leave rendered in two tones of tesserae.

The carpet is enclosed between two polychrome bands. The two wide borders in white tesserae along the internal perimeter of the area are decorated with one or two lines of flowers with the insertion of simple diamonds or diamonds with flowers. On the northern side a circle decorated with a series of serrated black tesserae was added. On the southern side we find: a circle with a polychrome motif of interlaced circles between two diamonds with flowers, two rectangles hinting a grid and, against the western wall, a long panel with a double series of flanked squares laden with diamonds, as well as hints of another grid.

The mosaic, which technically is characterized by the use of a horse tooth red tesserae, structurally and chronologically is to be linked to the embellishment of the southern diakonikon-baptistery of which it repeats the decorative motif at the staircase. It is thus to be dated to the third decade of the VI century. It is difficult to hypothesize its practical or liturgical functionality.


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