"You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.
He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him. " (Mark 16,5)


Easter 2001 - A special Prayer

John Abela, ofm

How can we come out of the Holy Sepulchre Lord?
We feel like being buried in the tomb with a heavy stone blocking the entrance
suffocating our breath and keeping us from experiencing the light!
Yes Lord this last year of the millenium is bleeding under the rage of hate!
We are watching, screaming, helpless to remove the stone from the tomb!

We look at the faces, the tears, the marching of the disinherited!
We hear the cries of those burying their dead, those digging under the rubble!
We listen to shocking stories, to endless accounts of pain and suffering!
We remain speachless when confronted with a crying child or a desperate mother!

We tremble watching the might of destruction
flying overhead, exploding, destroying, killing!
We are appalled by eye-witnesses descriptions of cold blooded executions!
Lord we are still blocked off by the tombstone of hate and violence!
We are deaf because our hearts have strayed away from you!

Lord Jesus you carried high the Cross and opening your arms
you embraced all humanity through your passion and suffering.
You took us with you to the tomb..
and from the tomb you have given us life, and life eternal!
Please Lord embrace us again in your loving arms!
Help us grow and overcome the looming threats of death and destruction!

Lord help us change our hearts and live in Peace!

Stage pictures are from the original play "Helsien" (Freedom) performed by
Skeneluqa - Malta. More stage pictures can be seen here.

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