Chechen rebels offer bounty for Putin


Thu 9 September, 2004 10:21

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Chechen rebels, in a swift reply to a Russian bounty offer for their leaders, have promised to give $20 million (11 million pounds) to anyone helping them to capture President Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday the government offered $10 million for information that would help track down the two main Chechen leaders, Aslan Maskhadov and Shamil Basayev.

"We offer an award of $20 million to countries, organisations or individuals who give the Chechen republic active help in detaining the war criminal Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin," said a statement on rebel Web sites on Thursday.

It was signed by "the anti-terrorist centre of the Chechen Republic", part of Maskhadov's unrecognised government.

The statement accuses Putin of launching war against Chechnya and of being responsible for the school siege in the town of Beslan last week, when at least 326 people died in a battle as Russian forces moved in to free the 1,000 hostages.

"Putin is blamed for ... many planned actions to discredit the l awful national liberation struggle of the Chechen people against foreign aggression, including the organisation of the bloody war against children and adults in Beslan," it said.

Maskhadov, a relative moderate among Chechen separatists who have been fighting Russia for 10 years, has denied involvement in the hostage-taking. Basayev is yet to comment, but experts say the attack showed all the signs of his leadership.