Churches at Segovia

Two words on Segovia

Segovia is a medieval village, located 82 Km. far away from Madrid, in the Castilla and Leon community.

The old town comes from the XI century. It is located at the left side of the Eresma river, involving the administrative and representative functions of the city, in the surroundings of the "Plaza Mayor" (Main Square). Outside the walls, the historical city (XIV-XVI century), grew towards the East: it is the commercial and bussiness town. Most of the modern urban growing was verified after the Spanish Civil War.

At present day, Segovia has 55.000 inhabitants (approximately, the 37 % of the province.

The Churches

Most of the Segovian churches are built in romanic style. Apart from its churches, "The Alcazar" and the acueduct are its most emblematic monuments; due to that, I have include them here.

Click in the list below to see the monuments. The map of the village locates them in the town. And a last advice: Visit Segovia!. You will be wellcome.

Map of the town and list of monuments

The numbers correspond to its location on the map

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