The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Fuencisla

The Sanctuary is very well known at Segovia, due to a miracle attributed to the Holy Virgin Mary. People tells that a jude woman tried to receive the Catholic Baptism. Jude people tried then to throw her from the top of the rocks (about 100 m height) which nowadays sorround the Sanctuary. Esther (the jude woman), saw the cathedral from there, and pried to an image of the Virgin Mary, who did the miracle: she didn't hurt when she was thrown from the rocks. When she became christian, she took the name of "Mary of the jump".

The Sanctuary was built at the end of the XVI century, and was design and constructed by Pedro de Brizuela. Inside, the Virgin of the Fuencisla (from the XV century), patron saint of Segovia, can be venerated.

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Updated: August 28, 1.996