The Cathedral of Segovia

The Cathedral of Segovia is located in one corner of the Plaza Mayor, at the center of the city. Formerly, it was built close to the "Alcazar". This made difficult the war operations, being destroied during the war of the Communities, and rebuilt at its present location. Emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany wanted it to be built again. Architect Juan Gil de Ontaņon (the same who built Salamanca's Cathedral) begun it at 1525. When he died, Garcia de Cubillas continued the works untill 1558, when the main nave was concluded. A second stege of the works was conducted by Juan's son: Rodrigo Gil de Ontaņon. When he died, at 1577, Martin Ruiiz de Chertudi continued. Juan de Mugaguren finished the coverture of the transept at 1615.

It's one the most emblematic Gothic churches at Sapin, together with Salamanca's Cathedral. The first stone was placed at June 8th, 1525, during the empire of Charles I, and being bishop Don Diego de Ribera.

The works ended at the XVII century, but respecting the gothic patterns.

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