Weekly reflections by Father Cusick on the Sunday Gospels and the Catechism of the Catholic Church


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"I've been using Fr Mark Link, S.J., & Fr James McKarns, but I think you've got them beat!"
--Deacon Gordon Kenny, Mobile, Alabama, USA

I and all my family were received into the church at Easter. I want to tell you that it is really great to be able to get on-line and get such a blessing from just reading your web-site. It is not always possible to take the Eucharist everyday for us as we both work and the kids are young but we try as often as possible. I come from a free church background and so all of the sacraments are new to me and I am constantly amazed at the new things I learn about God everytime I participate in them. I hope to visit you regularly. God Bless you in your witness for Him.
--Marcus Ineson, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

I thoroughly enjoyed your page and the great information it provides. It is a great service to the web!
--Terry Mac Lean, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dear Father Cusick,
I'm in charge of doing the church bulletin for Nativity Church and the two mission churches that are in this area. The bulletin services all three churches. We are located in Campti, Louisiana which is about an hour from Shreveport. The mission churches are in Creston and Trichell. I just wanted you to know that I include your sermon as part of the bulletin every week. You are a gifted writer and I was delighted to find you on the web. You are really an answer to prayer. Thank you for this service.
--Janet Ernst

Father Cusick,
As I wrote before, thank you for the ministry of your web site. To paraphrase President John Kennedy, in whatever men undertake, the Body of Christ must fully share -- especially in so potentially powerful an area as the internet. (Thanks, too, for the new background bitmap on MCITL; it makes the text a good deal easier to read.)
Between MCITL and the "Catechism of the Catholic Church", which I'm continuing to study, my viewpoint is broadening in, shall we say, unexpected ways. As I believe I've mentioned, I'm not a Catholic -- actually, I was born and raised in a Jewish family, and became a Christian some eleven years ago -- but just this morning, I found myself in the utterly unexpected position of defending (conceptually, at least) the magisterium of the Church...to a Catholic coworker! I've always suspected that the Lord has a sense of humor....
Again, my thanks and best wishes,

--Peter Shaw

I really found your sermons very challenging and interesting.
Much love and prayers,

--The Revd. Martin Luther King Louw, South Africa

Thank you for the effort you put into these homilies. I find them very helpful and inspiring each week. I don't know how long you have been doing this as I just found this site about 2 weeks ago while searching for homily ideas. May God bless you and reward you for your good works. Sincerely in Christ,

--Deacon Ray Jilek, Church of St. Wenceslaus, Diocese of Bismarck

Dear Father Cusick,

A note of thank you. I have always wanted & searched for any homepage dedicated to the word of the Lord. I am a young Catholic & an IT professional and spend most of my time with computers, therefore I'm happy to have found your homepage. Now I can access the word of the Lord via internet.
Thanks and may the Lord bless you, Father.

--Patrick Thong, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia

I took note of your new URL and shall make regular use of it. There are 2 more "white people" in our parish now (1x Irish & 1x USA) so I give a copy of your sermon since they cannot understand the Thai sermon yet. We have in Father Thongchai a good preacher though. On Sunday 22nd I shall go with Father Thongchai to the far out mountain village of Mae Aeb for the dedication of their brand new chapel. People in Mae Aeb are Chinese and Moosur tribe. Maybe you know of the so-called hill tribes in the North of Thailand, Burma, Laos and in the Southern provinces of China. They are Lahu, Moosur, Akha, Mhon, etc. We go there once a month. Many baptized and catechumens here. From there we go to Pa-ler-Luang village one hour farther up, also monthly business. People here are Akha tribe. Many are baptized and all the rest are catechumens owing to the great faith of Mr. Ado -one of them - who is the catechist. We instruct him and he passes that on. We need him also for simultaneous translation. English is useless here. Akha have their own language and only a few know Thai. We go there for Holy Mass and blessing of the ancestor's graves. This is always done after Holy Mass and on the 30 minute walk to the bamboo grove where they are buried we say the rosary.
Yours in our Lord Jesus,
--Hans L. Doets, Thailand

Just found your URL. Wonderful.
I am a pastor and superintendent of a Catholic parish and school in Falls City, Nebraska. Well done. I will be a frequent visitor. Thank you. Oremus pro invicem.

--Rev. Robert A. Roh, '66

Dear Father,
I visited your site today for the first time and just thought I would let you know how wonderful it is to have access to such a resource. I think you are doing a very special thing by offering your homilies on the internet ...you have touched my life in a special way today, as I am sure you have many others. I am very happy to have discovered a way of remaining in touch with Catholic theological thought (in English!) while I am so deeply involved with the life and events of a non-Christian country. I look forward to visiting this sight again! Thank you!

--Lisa Hodgkinson, Japan

Dear Father Cusick,
My family and I are newcomers to the internet. I very much appreciate your weekly "homilies", and in particular, the present one around the Holy Family. I feel as if it was written just for me to read....I'm kind of "stuck" at home just now recovering from a Caesarean operation for the birth of our 5th baby (a beautiful boy ...our first.) Despite being over the moon about our new arrival, I have really missed the services at church over Christmas. So it is wonderful to have a topical and suitable reflection there, and to be able to go to it when the time is right (and energy levels!!) So thanks, and I look forward to many more.

--Margaret M Fitzpatrick, Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Father,
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus the Christ, with the love of all my small family. Thank you for this web site it has a lot of great information! I am adding it to my favorite site list. As one who has come back after a long time out of the Church, it is nice to have a place to get a good handle on the GIRM :)

--Kenneth R. Rhoades

Dear Father,
Thank you for putting together this site. I read you every week. I enjoy being "preached at". I am a United Methodist Minister in Bullard, Texas. Your messages help prime my pump as I prepare my sermon each week. I too use the lectionary. It is great to see your view point.

--Reverend Mike Mayhugh

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