Weekly reflections by Father Cusick on the Sunday Gospels and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

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"I'm so glad that I finally have the chance to get through to this web-site."
--Chris, Malaysia

Dear Father,
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus the Christ, with the love of all my small family. Thank you for this web site it has a lot of great information! I am adding it to my favorite site list. As one who has come back after a long time out of the Church, it is nice to have a place to get a good handle on the GIRM :)

--Kenneth R. Rhoades

Dear Father,
Thank you for putting together this site. I read you every week. I enjoy being "preached at". I am a United Methodist minister in Bullard, Texas. Your messages help prime my pump as I prepare my sermon each week. I too use the lectionary. It is great to see your view point.

--Reverend Mike Mayhugh

Dear Father,
Just saw your reflection on this Sunday's liturgy and was impressed. As a newcomer to the Internet I will make reference to your helpful web site. I am in the Permanent Deacon program in St. Louis and have three more years to go before ordination (May 2000). I am taking advanced theology courses so I'll receive the faculty to preach at the mass. Your input will help me in this important duty.

--Bill Kieffer

Dear Father,
I am a missionary working in Hong Kong. For the last three weeks, since I joined the internet, I have been reading your Sunday sermons and found them very inspiring. Continue your good work! God bless you.
--Fr. Adelio Lambertoni

Thank you very much for your homily aids. They are a great help to me in the preparation of my Sunday homily. With best regards,
--Fr. Joseph Sammut, Malta

I am a young Benedictine priest-monk of St. Benedict's Abbey, Atchison, Ks. Thank you for your homily service on the internet. God bless you in your work.
In Jesus and Mary,
--Father Meinrad Miller, O.S.B.

Greetings from Ireland. Well done on the site - and of course the homilies. It's nice to see technology being put to good use at the service of the Gospel,

I'm so glad that I finally have the chance to get through to this web-site. I'm an undergraduate from Malaysia and also a Catholic. We have a Catholic student organisation but it's sort of illegal as it's not allowed to have a religious society here. I hope by reading your page I'll be able to share it with the others. A lot of our brothers and sisters over here are not joining us or drifting away as we are faced with a lot of persecutions. Please pray for us, Father. Our group is called the NUCS (Nothern University Catholic Students). I hope to be able to read more of your writings.
--Chris, Malaysia

I am a Catholic visitor at Taiwan. Thanks, in Christ,
--Malia Lianto

My name is Martin R. Strempeck and I am a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. A friend of mine just introduced me to this site yesterday and I find it fascinating. I will be dropping in frequently. Good luck and success with the site.
--Fr. Martin

Thank you for making this wonderful resource available online. I am Novice Directress for my community (Dominican Sisters of the Presentation) and a Campus Minister at Providence College. Your reflections on the liturgy are helpful to me in both of my ministries. May the Lord continue to bless your work as we await the coming of the Third Millennium with faith and prayer.
--Sr. Annette Desmarais, O.P.

I am a permanent deacon, Archdiocese of Mobile, and have just started using the free 50 hrs of AOL and came across your homily for last Sunday. It is really good. I give the daily homilies at Our Lady of Lourdes and at all the weekend Masses once a month. I would enjoy seeing yours before. Again, thanks for such a wonderful thing on the internet. God must surely be pleased as your homilies (the several I've just read) are really good. I've been using Fr Mark Link, S.J. & Fr James McKarns, but I think you've got them beat!
--Deacon A. Gordon Kenny

Thank you for your inspiring sermons. We are orthodox priests seeking union with Rome. Pray for us. Many blessings.
--Father Raphael Joseph, FBA

Thank you so much for your Catholic contributions to the worldwide web. We're on-line here at the seminary and I've just started to explore the wonderful Roman Catholic resources that it provides. You are definitely providing a ministry to clerics, religious, seminarians and lay persons. THANK YOU! and may God continue to bless you and your work.
--Aaron Peacock

What beautiful reflections! I am in study for the diaconate. Your thoughts are a source of strength and inspiration. Thank you.
--Anthony Koss

Bandwidth in and out of Thailand is minimal and I have to call long distance from my rather remote location, so don't worry about your good and beautiful site. In the US things are easier. I gave a print of your sermon to a friend Father Bruno Arens,OMI, the provincial of the Oblate missionaries in Thailand. He passes them on to confreres. Your voice shall be heared in far places:-) Well, Father, we keep in touch and I read your sermon here. The CCC is on and off my shelf, don't you worry.
--Hans L. Doets, OPL, Thailand

Hello, my name is Tom Barth. I am a lifelong Catholic. I just read your homily for 6 October and I definitely will be back to read your homily for next week. Your message has reached Alaska.

We've looked at your interesting web site, and we will be adding a link from our site to yours within the next few days. Thanks for calling it to our attention (through Bill Bilton).
--Jeffrey A. Mirus, Director, EWTN Online Services
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