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EXHIBITION : Ukrainian Icon In The 11th-16th C.C.


The exhibition currently contains 25 images splitted between the following 6 rooms:

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9. St. George And The Dragon (Late l5th century)
10. The Virgin Hodigitria (15th century)
11. The Transfiguration (15th century)
12. The Deesis (Late 15th - early 16th c.c.)

13. The Last Judgement (Late 15th - early 16th c.c.)
14. The Virgin Eleusa (Late 15th - early 16th c.c.)
15. The Presentation In The Temple (Late 15th - early 16th c.c.)
16. St. George And St. Parasceve (Late 15th - early 16th c.c.)

17. The Descent Into Limbo (The Anastasis) (Mid-16th century)
18. Master Olexiy. The Dorminton (c. 1547)
19. The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross (Mid-l6th century)
20. The Passion (Mid- 16th century)

21. The Annuncation (16th century)
22. The Annuncation And The Conception Of St. Anna (Mid-16th century)
23. The Adoration Of The Magi (Mid-16th century)
24. St. Nicholas With Scenes From His Life (Latter half of the 16th century)

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Early 15th century
97.5 x 70. Egg tempera on lime wood.
From St. Parasceve's Church in the village of Dalyova (Poland). Lviv National Museum.
114k, jpeg.

This icon (with the matching icon of Archangel Gabriel) is part of the Deesis. The appearance of this subject in Byzantine art is believed to date from the 6th century. It is based mainly on the composition representing three personages: the Savior (Christ the Pantocrator), who is flanked by the Virgin and St. John the Baptist (represented in such a way in three mosaic medallions in Kyiv's St. Sophia Cathedral from the first half of the 11th century). The subject derives its name Deesis from the Greek world of entreaty . Researchers maintain that the appearance of the Deesis series, which included various personages (great martyrs, holy warriors, fathers of the church), was influenced by Byzantine court ceremonials. In time, the Deesis became one of the major parts of the iconostasis. The Theme is to portray mankind before Jesus Christ who appears here as Judge. The Archangels Gabriel and Michael were indispensable personages who distinguished the Virgin and St. John the Baptist in the Deesis icons, which were used in iconostases of the 14th-15th centuries. The Archangel Michael from Dalyova is represented in a himation and tunic and holding a baton and sphere, characteristic attributes of heavenly warriors.

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