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Pray with us for the Persecuted Church!
"I am in prison," says the Lord, "and you are not visiting me."(Matthew 25:43)
Priests are being arrested and sometimes shot in China and Cuba. Over 200 Catholic priests and bishops and thousands of Catholic and Protestant laity currently suffer in the Chinese slave-labor camps for their loyalty to Christ.
Christians who testify to their faith in Iran or Saudi Arabia may be put to death for blasphemy. Mobs have wiped out whole villages of Christians in Pakistan. Believers are forbidden to buy goods or own property in Somalia. The "post-communist" government of Romania refuses to return the church buildings and other properties confiscated by the communists in 1948, to the Catholic Church of Byzantine Rite (the Greek-Catholic Church).
It is time to shatter the silence.
Pray with us every Sunday, the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Christus Rex Information Service

Special Reports - Reportes Especiales

Indictment of War Criminal Slobodan Milosevic - May 27, 1998
Review of evidence against War Criminal Slobodan Milosevic - May 23, 1998
Chinese Espionage in the US - The Cox Report - May 25, 1998
The Human Rights Watch Report on Israel and the Palestinian Authority - December 31, 1998
The target of Clinton's airstrikes in Iraq: A U.N. warehouse holding 260,000 tons of rice - December 21, 1998
Chinese dissidents sentenced to lengthy prison terms - December 21, 1998
What has been done to Iraq - November 15, 1998
Quarterly Palestinian Human Rights Report - July 1, 1998 - September 30, 1998
The Dead Babies of Hebron - September 4, 1998
The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem laments the Suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli Occupation
Cuba: The Tugboat Massacre - July 13, 1994
A Day that will Live in Infamy - June 30, 1997
Israel's House Demolition Policy in the West Bank
Harsh winter ahead for Romania's streetchildren
JERUSALEM - The Church Celebrates Easter 1997 under Siege
Revocation of Residency of East Jerusalem Palestinians - April 1997
The Genocide of the Karen Nation - March 1997
Stop the Quiet Deportation in East Jerusalem - March 1997
Torture in Israel - January 1997
The United Nations Resolution on Jerusalem - December 1996
F.A.O. Food Summit - November 1996
Especial Zaire - Noviembro de 1996
Testimonios Estremecedores Sacerdotes Torturados Comunismo
The Hungarian Revolution - 23 October - 4 November 1956
Freedom and Independence for all enslaved nations!
Memorandum on Russia

Il Patriarcato Latino di Gerusalemme fa un appello urgente ai Vescovi di Tutto il Mondo
El Patriarcado Latino de Jerusalén hace un llamado urgente a los Obispos del Mundo
O Patriarcado Latino de Jerusalém faz um apelo urgente aos Bispos de Todo o Mundo
Le Patriarcat Latin du Jérusalem fait un appel urgent aux Evêques du Monde
Das Lateinische Patriarchat von Jerusalem macht einen dringenden Appell zu allen Bischöfen
The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem makes an urgent appeal to the Bishops of the World

Notizie dalla Santa Sede -------------- Notizie dal Mondo.
Noticias de la Santa Sede. ------------- Noticias del Mundo.
Notícias da Santa Sè ----------------- Notícias do Mundo.
Nouvelles du Saint-Siège. ------------- Nouvelles du Monde.
Nachrichten vom Heiligen Stuhl -------- Weltnachrichten.
News from the Holy See. -------------- World News.
Church News from the Holy Land------- News from the Holy Land.
Saint Yves Society Bulletin - Jerusalem / Bethlehem

Christus Rex Information Service (C.R.I.S.) used to publish several news bulletins in 6 languages.
They included articles and news items published in the Italian, Spanish, Mexican, French, Belgian, Portuguese, Brazilian, German, Austrian, Swiss, Israeli, British, Canadian, U.S. and Vatican press.
The articles represent the views of their respective editors, and should not be construed as being representative of the official position of the Holy See.

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