The Hungarian Revolution - October 23, 1956 to November 10, 1956

A testimony of a Romanian Freedom Fighter

By GULAG counter-revolutionary bandit Michael Olteanu, M.S.

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 has been the most important event of the entire Cold War period (1945-1989).
In just a few days, starting on October 23, 1956, the communist state and party apparatus was dismantled. The feared AVH secret police was nowhwere to be seen, the judeo-communist star was cut out of all flags and Hungarian army insignia and the government of Imre Nagy was installed. The political prisoners were freed, including Cardinal Joszef Midszenty, Cardinal Primate of Hungary, who had been in prison since 1948.
The infamous Soviet "counsellors" and the Soviet Army units disappeared from the Hungarian cities.
One cannot describe the enthusiasm of the Hungarians who were free again! The hope of freedom was palpable in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania. The National Liberation Front of Romania, which I had joined in 1954, mobilized all operational and auxiliary units for actions against the Soviet army units deployed in the country.

For the first time since the autumn of 1941, the Soviet Union was vanquished and threatened with disappearance.
But the Zionist masters of this wretched planet could not allow it to happen in 1956, as they did not allow it to happen in 1941. In December 1941, Franklin Roosevelt, who had been reelected in 1940 as the "man who kept us out of war", subjected the Japanese government to a number of crass provocations and then, when the Japanese ambassador handed the declaration of war, he did not warn the Navy Pacific Command, which was completely surprised by the attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7,1941. Why? Because the public opinion was strongly anti-war and Roosevelt needed thousands of American deaths in order to turn the tide. "A day that will live in infamy!" he proclaimed in his radio declaration, but it was the American governnment's infamy, not the Japanese government's.

Likewise Dwight Eisenhower, the most infamous war criminal of all times, responsible for tens of millions of deaths, 90% of them civilians, and for the destruction of hundreds of European cities through "carpet" bombing, sent the bandit state of Israel, as well as the French and the British armies to attack Nasser's Egypt on October 29, 1956. By creating an artificial "crisis", he was able to deflect the world's attention from Hungary, thus allowing the Soviet government to initiate the mass repression.

The Soviet hordes invaded Hungary on November 4, 1956 and in less than a week, using hundreds of tanks, they broke the resistance of the heroic Hungarian Freedom Fighters. They killed thousands upon thousands of fighters, most of them teenagers, and they took many thousands prisoners.

Imre Nagy heroically led the resistance to the end and surrendered when the Soviets gave him assurances of safe passages to the Yugoslav Embassy, who had granted him political asylum. As soon as he left his office, he was arrested by the KGB and was taken to Romania, where he was tortured, in particular being exposed to extreme cold in winter time for weeks, and then he was executed by the criminal communist Romanian government of Gheorghiu-Dej in 1958.

Cardinal Primate Joszef Midszenty managed to reach the American Embassy in Budapest, where he spent 15 years of his life, before being allowed to emigrate to Austria.

The KGB kept thousands of Hungarian teenage prisoners for years in various Soviet prisons and , as they were turning 18 years old, they executed them. I have the testimony of an old Romanian colonel who was imprisoned at Lubljanka (Moscow) in the summer of 1958 and who has seen dozens of Hungarian kids being taken out of the cells and executed as they turned 18 years of age.

(I was a political prisoner sentenced to 23 years in prison, when I turned 18 in the prison of Jilava in February 1960. The head of the military court who sentenced me for the "crime of plotting against the social order" in August 1959, apologized for not imposing the standard death penalty because I was under age. So, there was a good possibility they would correct that "loophole" in February 1960!)

During the invasion of Hungary, thousands of Soviet military, soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers took advantage of the chaotic situation at the Austrian border and deserted into Austria, where they asked for political asylum.

The officers and non-commissioned officers were separated from the soldiers and they were interrogated by C.I.A..
On January 13, 1957, over 450 officers and non-commissioned officers were embarked on a train and were told they were being transferred to West Germany. THE TRAIN WENT TO BRATISLAVA INSTEAD, WHERE ALL OF THEM WERE HANDED OVER TO THE K.G.B.. ALL OF THEM WERE TORTURED AND EXECUTED. I have the personal testimony of a Soviet captain, who managed to jump from the train, as it slowed down to cross the bridge over Danube at Bratislava.

Such a transfer could not have taken place during the cold war, without the authorization of the President of the United States, the infamous Dwight Eisenhower, the man who ordered in 1945-1949 the handing over to the K.G.B. of more than 2,500,000 former citizens of the Soviet Union, the judeo-communist hell.

There is nothing new under the sun. Whenever the judeo-communist "experiment" was in trouble, its twin brother the judeo-capitalism was ready to save the day!

Let's keep a minute of silence for the memory of millions of victims of judeo-communism, for the millions of Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Esthonians, Finns, Hungarians, Poles, Czecks, Slovaks, Romanians, Italians, Spaniards, Bulgarians, Croatians, Serbians, Tatars, Chechens and so many other nations of Europe, Asia, Central America and Africa, who lost their lives FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM SINCE 1917!

And let's not forget today's victims of Zionism, the Palestinians, Lebanese and other Arab nations, who are fighting the sanguinary Talmudic beasts in the Middle East!

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