Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
Panels with Stories of Christ (cm 45 x 44) - Tavole con Storie di Cristo

- The Adoration of the Magi (New York, Metropolitan Museum) - L'Adorazione dei Magi (55KB) --- large image (176KB)

- The Presentation in the Temple (Boston, Gardner Museum) - La Presentazione al Tempio (56KB) --- large image (181KB)

- The Last Supper (München, Alte Pinakothek) - L'Ultima Cena (66KB) --- large image (206KB)

- The Crucifixion (München, Alte Pinakothek) - La Crocifissione (52KB) --- large image (168KB)

- The Deposition (Settignano, Berenson collection) - La Deposizione (52KB) --- large image (172KB)

- The Descent to Limbo (München, Alte Pinakothek) - La Discesa al Limbo (46KB) --- large image (144KB)

- The Pentecost (London, National Gallery) - Penetcoste (154KB) - small image (51KB) - large image (279KB) - detail (large) (265KB)

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