Why this book?

"We have the best constitution of the world. It is a pity that it has not always been completely applied". Who has never heard a similar phrase? Nevertheless, who is satisfied of the present state of italian republic? But this situations is undeniably the result of the enforcement of the constitution. Then, how the best constitution of the world could produce a very poor quality republic as the italian one? The answer is clear: not only our constitution is not an excellent one, but it is as shoddy as the republic it produced and the politicians it selected. It is not possible to suggest as apology its partial enforcement, because it should have been provided in a feasible and not unrealistic manner. Furthermore, it looks at least doubtful that exactly the unrealized parts of the constitution can be better of others.
Only by forming an own critical mind capable of judging independently and without preconceived also assertions that are usually accepted as right without criticism, because they are so propagandized since decades, it is possible to understand why a State whose actions are based on the italian constitution can commit serious crimes.
"L'Anticostituzione", that contains the full text of original constitution and all its subsequent modifications, intends to single out both potential and actual crimes that it provides against the natural rights of each man, by analysing its legislative and practical consequences. They are the Legal criminality, that is criminality practised through laws, which is completely equivalent to illegal criminality, and the Imperial State, that is a State lacking real obligations to its behaviour, obligations that safeguard perpetually citizens from its oppressions.
A realistic solution to this kind of injustices does exist and can be defined Made to measure State. In it, each citizen benefits ot the total freedom of personal self determination and he does have the right to ask the State for the services that he wishes, but without exercising violence, either personally or through laws, in order to let fall on his fellow man the burdens that he freely choosed to take upon himself.
The purpose of this book will be achieved if, at the end of the volume, the reader will be fully able to exercise in a constructive way his own critical mind towards "the best constitution of the world" and all wrong laws that stem from it.

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