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Free unpublished contemporary sacred music from all the World.

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Welcome in the Divine Music Page on Christus Rex!


This is not music to listen. It can be music to play, but it is also a prayer to sing...
If you like sacred music you will find here some samples of contemporary scores to play. Download and print them, then try them, alone or with your chorus. We hope that you will like this music.

We also encourage you to write us in order to offer new sacred music, either in Latin or in your own language, to sing Christ's praises in an endless concert coming from all the countries of the world!

Although authors keep complete intellectual property on the material in this page, you can freely download and distribute it, but you are asked to:


List of authors

Printing help (PostScript files)

If you do not know how to print the PostScript files that contain this music, keep in mind that they are just normal Postscript files.
So, if you are able to print on a Postscript printer, you should be able to print this music.
Note: It is not strictly necessary to own a Postscript printer, but I strongly suggest it, as it can be complicated to do otherwise.

Dos - Windows

If your Postscript printer is attached to LPT1 port, then type, for instance:
copy lpt1


Use "Laserwriter Utility" to download the file to your Postscript printer.

Sun Solaris

Use the "Image tool" to see the file on your screen and then print it on your Postscript printer.

If you just have a non-PostScript printer

You need a tool that converts PostScript files to something that your printer knows how to print. Use Freedom of Press, GhostScript, Pageview, TScript, or UltraScript PC.
Otherwise use a printer cartridge if your printer manufacturer sells one.

Unfortunately I can't help you in this case.
If you were able to print the music on other systems and want to share your experience, e-mail the necessary informations to and you will be quoted in this page. Thanks.

Downloading help (MIDI files)

If are not able to download correctly MIDI files, it may depend from the configuration of your browser. You must teach your browser to download MIDI files.


If you use Netscape, for instance, you should:
  1. go into the Option-General Preferences-Helpers menu,
  2. click on "New",
  3. insert "mid" as MIME type, subtype and extension,
  4. select "Save" as "action".
  5. close the dialog box.
Now Netscape should download correctly these MIDI files.

Playing help (MIDI files)

If you want to play the MIDI files supplied in this page you need
  1. A MIDI player software, like Arnold's Midi Player or many others, as quoted in the wonderful Classical Midi Archives and Mac Users pages.
  2. Either:
    • (strongly suggested) a MIDI device such as a Keyboard or a Synthesizer and a MIDI interface to connect your computer to the MIDI device. By the way, I use a Yamaha PSR-520 MIDI keyboard and it works fine.
    • or a MIDI card on your Windows computer.
    • or a Macintosh computer with the software Quicktime and QuickTime Musical Instruments.

Just launch your software, choose the right connection to your musical device, open the downloaded MIDI file and let it play.
Have fun!

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