Agoo, La Union

On March 31, 1989, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a 12 year old boy on a hillside of Barangay San Antonio, Agoo, La Union. He saw bright light and heard voices and the sound of trumpets and saw Angels singing Alleluia and Salve Regina, while descending from Heaven towards him.

The Angels form an inverted letter "V" sign appearing three on each side. St. Michael, the Archangel stands at the apex of the inverted letter "V" below a white dove. At the center of the "V" shape was the Holy Family. St. Joseph standing with a cane, and the Blessed Mother sitting on a rock carrying Jesus on her lap. The Holy Family was standing on a bed of clouds. On top of them is the Holy Spirit in the form of a white dove. The Angels on each side were identified as:

Day of the Week as Represented

Sunday - St. Michael - Holding a eighing scale and sword

Monday - St. Gabriel - Holding a plum and a book

Tuesday - St. Raphael - Holding a fish and a sword

Wednesday - St. Uriel - holding a weighing scale

Thursday - St. Sealtiel - holding incense

Friday - St. Jhudiel - Holding a music book and roses

Saturday - St. Barachiel - Holding a small child

All the Angels were continuously singing. Then our Blessed Mother stood and spoke.

"We come from Heaven, to give you a mission. Go to the hill at the east side of the town, (There he saw the Holy Family clean the canal) you will find a spring. We will bless the spring and it can cure any kind of sickness. All will depend on your faith.

The Blessed Virgin Mary with Her Immaculate Heart, visible on Her chest, radiated a bright light towards the spring. While the Infant Jesus was playing in the water, wading.

Our Lady said: "I will come back here and impart to you the message of My Son."

The Blessed Virgin Mary has chosen the name "kayumanggi" because in places where She appeared, She was known by the name of that place. However, now she has chosen to appear in Asia, and because the Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia. She has chosen the name "kayumanggi".

The Blessed Mother requested the boy to tell the people to continue to visit the apparition ground, especially on Her feastday, to pray and meditate. She left a promise that She would be watching and guiding those who would hear Her plea.

Our Lady: "I will give healing powers. These shall be given free. Do it as a sacrifice, pray the Rosary every day and do more penance for the conversion of sinners"

When Jojo was two years old, he was playing alone whil ehis elder sister was cleaning the house, and his parents were at their stall in the market. As he stepped out of the back door, he saw Jesus hanging on the Cross, about 8 feet high. As he stood astonished by the figure, Jesus lifted his right hand and touched his head, saying "Don't be afraid. I am from Heaven, one day I will come back for you and give you a mission.". Jojo ran as fast as he could to his sister and told her about what he saw.

When he was in the 6th grade, he started to have bodily pains which intensified during Lent. The doctors could not diagnose his ailment and could not give him the right medicine. He was even brought to faith healers, but to no avail. His mother brought him to a priest who told her that it is the will of God and that he is destined for a certain mission. When his parents accepted this he mysteriously recovered.

The Apparitions and Message

It was a Saturday, out of nowhere, a bright light flashed and angelic voices were heard singing Alleluia and Salve Regina. Suddenly a woman appeared in her human form, dressed in a long white dress standing over a cloud. Her long mantle touching the cloud at her feet. At the helm of her dress was also a star shinging and only those toes of her feet could be seen. In the cloud were seven roses, above her head was a beautiful crown. Above the crown was a halo with 12 stars. Her whole body radiated with a bright shinging light. Rays of light emanated from her whole body.

It was a heavenly beauty, her face, her eyes, everything could hardly be described as it could not be compared to anything seen here on Earth. The nrightest star was the one on her forhead. The hand of the woman was outstreched. On her right hand was a Rosary with the beads made of pearl and on her left hand was a Brown Scapular. Her eyes were bluish brown. Her Immaculate Heart was exposed from Her chest. The She spoke:

"Pray the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world and the conversion of sinners. The Scapular must be worn by all. It should be covered by your clothes. The Scapular is not effective if you do not feed it with the recitation of the Holy Rosary. Pray more and do penance."

April 14, 1989:

Our Lady: "In church, ladies should not wear pants, shorts or slacks, sleeveless dresses and plunging necklines. They should wear proper attires, dresses should be long enough to cover the lefs below the knee and every woman should have a veil on their head. Dressing otherwise is sinful and degrading. Cover your bodies as it is the temple of the Holy Spirit."

"My children, only the priest can give the Body and Blood of My Son to the people in Holy Communion and in returning the Blessed Sacrament to the tabernacle. The Blessed Sacrament is the Body and Blood of My Son. It should not be handled with bare hands but should be handled with due respect of Its Divinity. An altar cloth should be used to hold My Son's Body. Also, only consecrated hands should hold the Body of My Son in Holy Communion. Also no woman should serve the altar during the Holy Mass, even in the reading of the Mass. M children, pray for the Holy Father, the Cardinals, Bishops, and priests and those who will be priests, so that they may restore sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament. Pray much and do sacrifices for sinners."

Then our Blessed Mother showed Jojo a vision of Purgatory. Our Lady, while holding the Rosary, was above Purgatory. The Rosary hung almost touching Purgatory. Here sould climb to Heaven using the Rosary as a stairway. Souls in Hell pull down souls clinging to the Rosary. Some souls fall down when pulled, while others get to Heaven using the Rosary as stairs to get to Heaven.

To Nuns:" My children, what happened to the habits you wear. Before, they used to touch the floor but now your legs and hari are visible. I wish that you should return to your old ways."

To Priests: "A lot pf priests and nuns commit the sin of disobedience and love of material things. They also fall into the sin of pride. Pray for the Holy Father and priests that they may perform their duties faithfully."

"My sons-priests-what have you done? You become priests as such should turn your back on the world. Avoid wine, cigarettes, social gatherings and politics."

"You should pray the Holy Rosary to keep your vows of obedience, poverty and celibacy. You should hear confessions weekly before the Lord's day, Sunday. It is a sacrifice you should offer to My Son."

March 1990

"There will be a strong earthquake that will come very soon. Your houses will be replaced by new ones. Tell those whose houses will be destroyed that t is not a punishment for them, especially for your members. Rather it is a test of your faith in our Father Almighty. Pray, Pray, Pray."

June 1990

Our Lord Jesus: "My sons, I want the Tridentine Mass to be said in Latin. The celebrant must face Me and not the people. Never turn your back against Me. I want My people to receive My Body and Blood kneeling down.

Our Lady: "If you appear before kings and royalties, is it not that you genuflect and bow before them to show your respect? Why don't you kneel before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? In receiving Holy Communion I ask you to get down on your knees. Communion by the hand is the greatest sacrilege committed by mankind. Only those with consecrated hands, the priests, have the right to holy the Body of My Son. Abortion is the second most grievous sin being committed by mankind. No one has the right to take the life of any human being."

"Secret marriages (live-ins) are the third most grievous sin being committed by mankind. Marriage was instituted by My Son and do not take it lightly but seriously as it i."

"My sons, I want My Divine Son to be atthe center of the altar of your church. Please put Me at the side of the altar."

February 1991

Our Lady: "My children, always place a crucifix at the front and back of your homes. At the time of the chastisements, this will serve as a sign that people inside belong to God."

"Parents, protect your children from the workings of the devil. Don't let them listen to rock music. It is a creation of Satan. Be careful also in choosing the dresses they wear. Not all fashion dresses are pleasing to God. Protect their purity and their minds. Bring them closer to Me and My Son."

March 31, 1991

Our Lady: "My children, spread my messages to all. If my messages could not known to the whole world, the beginning of sorrow will come in 1995."

April 2, 1991

St. Michael the Archangel: "My brothers, ever since you removed me from the Church, the Devil has been coming freely. Before, he could only peep, butnow he even dares to go to the altar. Laughing, dancing with other demons. There is so much desecration going on within the Church today and that is why there is so much discord. Priest against priest, priests against bishops, bishops against cardinals, etc. This is one sign of the coming chastisement."

Our Lady: "My children what are you doing? You are wasting time. The chastisement is very near. We have given everything you need to know that if you keep on being passive like this, there will be others who will be glad to carry the work. Time is running short. You must move on."

"My children, bring My image to every home in Agoo, to those who will welcome us. Do not bring My image to homes that will not welcome Us. I will bless every home that will honor Us and I will heal the sick and will ask My Divine Son to give peace and prosperity to their homes."

"My chidlren, 2 volcanos are about to erupt. They will erupt at the same time. Should this happen, thousands will die. If you coudl fulfill what I ask you to do (prayers), the eruption may not happen. I want you to go to Capas, Tarlac, to the convent of the Dominicans. Have a vigil. Your prayers appease the wrath of the Heavenly Father, so that the volcanoes will not erupt at the same time. Go also to Matatalahib and Maliwalu in Tarlac. The people and the priest there will pray for you. There will be volcanic eruptions throughout the whole world. There will be strong earthquakes in New York, California, Hawaii and Mexico. There will be a time when the calamities will occur at the same time and ue to the sufferings, you will kneel and confess your sins. Some who could not endure these calamities will prefer to die. Another strong earthquake will happen in the Philippines, in the Muslim region to urge the people to embrace Christianity."

"There will be a third world war. Sufferings in the war would be greater than World War II. Your only weapon in this war is the Holy Rosary. Those who helped in the past will be defeated. Consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart. The friendship between the United States and Russia are temporary. Russia is the instrument of Satan to destroy the world. Pray for peace in the Middle East. The war in the Middle East is the beginning of World War III. The small bear (Iraq) has been hurt and seeks revenge. It will join forces with the big bear (Russia) and together they will surround the United States with nuclear missiles. Communism will also enter the Philippines but for a short time. By Divine Providence, they will be driven away."

September 1991

Our Lady appeared on this day, preceded by a bright light and the Angels singing Alleluia and Salve Regina. She was sitting on a throne with the Child Jesus on Her lap. Her hand at the same time holding a scepter and Rosary. St. Anthony was standing on her right and on her left was St. Therese. Our Lady slowly stood while the Child Jesus held the scepter.

"My children, I am the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth. I am your only hope and salvation when the wrath of God is unleashed to cleanse this sinful world."

Then the Angels sang Alleluia and Salve Regina.

"Many souls go to hell because many do not sacrifice and pray for them. I will give you St. Anthony and St. Therese as your helpers in your mission, to spread My mission."

"My children, I am suffering much. I can hardly hold the hands of My Son to punish you due to many sins committed by men. My children, although you commit many mortal sins, I am always with you and waiting for your call. Even if this world would end, I will always be with you. I will help and protect you from evil. Pray hard especially the Rosary. Pray for the conversion of sinners."

"My children, many souls go to hell because of the sins of the flesh. Only a few go to Heaven where there is eternal happiness."

"My children, I want you to build a chapel on this site. In this chapel the Blessed Sacrament shall always be exposed for the adoration of the faithful."

October 8, 1991

"I am the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. The Rosary is the greatest weapon for you."

Our Lady appeared standing on a globe which represents the world. Underneath Her mantle are multitudes of people. About half of them are under Her mantle and the other half are outside.

Our Lady with Tears of Blood:

"My children, Satan has entered the Church. Pray for the Holy Father, bishops, and priests, so that they may have stronger faith and live up to the teachings and doctrines that My Son has taught them. During Vatican Council II, Satan sat in the midst of the Cardinals and Bishops, Pope Paul I was poisoned and did not die a natural death, so pray hard for them. Satan has started to sow the seed of destruction for the Church."

February 1992

"The road to hell is so easy and wide while to road to Heaven is hard and narrow. So many people nowadays go to hell because of the sins of the flesh. (This message was accompanied by a vision showing more people are going to eternal damnation. A few people walking toward Heaven and Purgatory.) My children, look at Hell and Purgatory. So many souls go to Hell."

Picture of the statue of Our Lady which wept blood in Agoo.

March 31, 1992

Our Lady: "Pray the 15 mysteries of the Rosary daily. Even while travelling, pray the Rosary so that you will be protected from all dangers of the body and soul. I will give you the seven keys to Heaven:

1. Attend Holy Mass daily.

2. Pray the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosay

3. Wear the brown Scapular

4. Do the Way of the Cross

5. Go to confession every week

6. Receive Holy Communion daily

7. Visit the Blessed Sacrament often

"One day through the Holy Rosary and the brown Scapular I will save the world."

April 1992

Our Lady: "1995 will be the year of sorrows. My children, babies and small children will die of unknown disease. This is not a punishment but an act of mercy to spare them from the coming chastisement which is too horrible."

May 13, 1992

Our Lady: "I am here again, my child. Have patience in coming here at the apparition groung every Saturday. I will appear to you every Saturday. Pray more and do penance and sacrifice."

Our Lady appeared at the top of a guava tree at the hillside. The wind was blowing and the smell of the ripe guava were smelled by the people present.

"Pray, pray, pray, and do sacrifice. Mny souls go to hell because of the sins of the flesh. My children, help me. You are My only helpers. It will be too late if you do not spread My message soon. Even if the punishment of mankind will come, I will be with you. Just call me."

May 23, 1992 at 2:07 PM

Our Lady: "I am here again, my child. Pray more, I am suffering. If you would not help Me, then the wrath of God will fall upon mankind. I could hardly hold the hand of My Son. If you would not repent, it will happen very, very soon. May hapen in two years."

"My children, help me. You are My only helpers. It will be too late if you do not spread My messages. Even if the punishment of mankind will come, I will be with you. Just call on me."

Mama Mary again placed Her hands on Her breat and cried with blood in the apparition. Sta. Rita de Cascia, whose feast day is May 22, appeared with the Blessed Mother. She is the saint with the stigmata of the wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ caused by the Crown of Thorns. Her wound lies on her forehead.

May 30, 1992 at 3:10 PM

"I am here again, My child. Tell the people especially those with families, that the FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER and there will be peace in the family and in the whole world."

"Penance, Penance, Penance."

"Rray, Pray, Pray."

"Do sacrifices for the conversion of poor sinners. (Our Lady stretched both arms forward as if giving the Rosary and the Scapular, almost bowing down, and blessed the people.) Wearing the Scapular is a sign of yoru consecration to My Immaculate Heart."

June 27, 1992

Jesus: "Yes, My son, My Mother's Heart is united to Mine. I desire each one of you the devotion Her Immaculate Heart deserves. You see my son, how Our Divine Hearts are covered by trhorns from men who show us ingratitude, sacrilege, lack of love, it is the whol of their sins. (Mama Mary and Jesus appeared with Their Hearts visible on Their chest standing together and surrounded by a huge ring of thorns.) I, Who am the Word, love and respect Her. Respect Her, respect Her. I desire you to approach My Mother and honor Her. Honor Her, honor Her, as I honoer Her. I desire that every knee bends honoring Her. I desire you to pray the Rosary and the "Hail, Holy Queen" and say te litany. I want you to repair your sins, asking Her to teach you. DCome pray to your Holy mother and I ask the conescration of the world to Her Immaculate Heart!"

"Repent and pray much!!!"

Mama Mary appeared together with an old priest wearing a white cassock. Then she spoke and said: "Do you recognize him?" Judiel nodded although he could not recall his name. "This is Father Patrick Peyton, the founder of the family Rosary Crusade. He will help you in your mission, He is holy."

July 4, 1992:

"Many people pray but only with their lips and not with their hearts."

"I could hardly hold My Son's hand. Pray much and do sacrifices for the conversion of sinners."

"My son, if you pray the Holy Rosary, Satan is defeated because e gates hearing the name of My Son and My name. The fifteen Mysteries of the Holy Rosary depicts the life, passion and death of My Son. It is the culmination of the Way of the Cross."

"Teach your children how to pray the Holy Rosary. The Holy Rosary is a complete form of prayers without the need to mention your petitions. The Holy Rosary is the weapon given by Me to destroy Satan."

Mama Mary smiled and Judiel asked Her not to cry anymore, because all Her requests would be fulfilled. Then She spoke and said: "My son, if not for your prayers, your sacrifices and pilgrimage to this place, We would intensely feel pain of the thorns piercing Our Hearts."

July 11, 1992

"My Son, believe in Me. I shall believe in you. I am handing over the world and restrain the Justice of God. Otherwise, these things would have already happened."

"Dear children, these days Satan is trying to thwart all My plans. Pray that his plans may not be fulfilled. I will pray to My Son, Jesus, that He will give you the grace to experience His victory over Satan's temptations."

"Dear children, be humble, live in humility. Thank you, children."

June 18, 1992

"My dear children, pray for pece and reconciliation. Without peace and reconciliation, nothing will happen."

"Without your prayers, I cannot help you in the realization of the messages that the Lord has given me. I love you so much, My beloved children."

June 25, 1992

"My son, the only word I wish to say is CONVERSION to the wholw world, and more prayers and sacrifices. Repent your sins, My dear children, to My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. I am saying this to you and tell everybody that I only ask for conversion. Please pray to My dear Beloved Son Jesus Christ. I am His Mother and I intercede for you with Him."

"Pray, pray, pray with all your heart. I will help you. I will help, but everything will not only depend on Me. It will depend on your faith; the faith of those who pray. Faith cannot be alive without prayers."

"I thank all of you who have sacrificed to come here. I hope this will be the beginning of those who will come in growing numbers with true faith."

"I love you so much. If you only knew how full is my love for all of you."

August 1, 1992

Our Lady: "PEACE, PEACE, PEACE. Peace be with you , My dear children. Seek peace."

Judiel: "Sana po, Blessed Virgin Mary, magpakita na po kayo sa mga taong nandito na hindi na naniniwala sa Inyo."

The Blessed Virgin Mary stretched out Her hands toward the people, was saddened and spoke: "Tell the people: Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe."

(I saw rays coming from Her hands toward the people, the oil and the rosaries. - Judiel)

Blessed Virgin Mary: "I wish that next time you come here, my children, bring white handkerchiefs and I will give many blessings as My great gift to all of you which will be the means of healing."

An angel appeared appeared in white sparkling clothers, floating. At this point, Judiel together which the people sang "O Sacrament Most Holy". The Bleeding Host and Chalice appeared in mid-air and the angel gave Holy Communion to Judiel.

Judiel: "I love you, Mother."

Blessed Virgin Mary: "I love you, My angel, My children, if only you knew how much I do love all of you..... then you will cry for joy."