The Catholic Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle - EeeeeK!

Catholic, But Not Roman!


Eeeek! Please don't use the term "Uniate" - it's considered an insult.

The preferred term is "Byzantine Catholic".

Byzantine Catholics are a branch of the Orthodox Church in communion with Rome (Bishop Herman of the Orthodox Church in America is quoted as referring to Byzantine Catholics as "Orthodox Christians under papal jurisdiction").

Here's the info for the Byzantine Churches in the USA.

They were originally formed for Ruthenian (Carpathian) immigrints but now are working on evangelical efforts to any and all Americans:

Seminary: SS. Cyril & Methodious Seminary

  • Rev. Archpriest Russel Duker, Rector
  • 3605 Perrysville, AV
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15214-2297


  • Rev. Archpriest Judson M. Procyk, Archbishop elect
  • 925 Liberty AV
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • PHONE: 412-281-1000 FAX: 412-281-0388


  • Most Rev. Michael J. Dudick
  • 445 Lackawanna AV
  • West Paterson, NJ 07424-2969
  • PHONE: 201-890-7777 FAX: 201-890-7175


  • Most Rev. Andrew Pataki, JCL
  • 1900 Carlton Rd
  • Parma, OH 44134
  • PHONE: 216-741-8773 FAX: 216-742-9356


  • Most Rev. George M. Kuzma
  • 8131 North 16th ST
  • Phoenix, AZ 85020-3999
  • PHONE: 602-861-9778 FAX: 602-861-9796

    I can't find the other two directories for the Byzantine-Ukrainians or the Byzantine- Melkites.

    Contact me by email if you need them and I'll look them up.

    The Byzantine-Melkite seminary program is a joint effort with the Greek Orthodox.

    The Byzantine-Ukrainians also have a seminary (I think in Washington, DC).

    John Vernowski

    Father Orosz at Holy Trinity on Scofield Avenue in Bridgeport, Ct can help you. call info and get his exact adress and number. George Demetrios

    Hello Jim:

    There is also the Melkite Diocese of Newton, MA. Archbishop Koseph Tawil

    Director of Vocations: Rev. Damon Geiger, 233 Grant Ave. Newton, MA. 02159

    You might call Fr Geiger to find out if there are seminaries located in the Archdiocese of Boston for Eastern Rite Catholics.

    I think that there are some seminaries in the Boston area, maybe in Lawrence/Methuen, MA area.

    Call Rev. Michael Zammar, BSO at St. Joseph's Parish in Lawrence, MA 508-682-8152.

    Note:- This page will soon be updated with new data received

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